About The Founder


‘Mama’ Yolanda.

Yolanda  is one of the few qualified master trainers for The Professional Parenting Program in South Africa.She has been mentoring and training ECD and Formal Education educators and trainers at various schools and children’s centers throughout South Africa. She is an expert in teaching on identity, behavioral counseling and conceptualizing new Community Development Outreach projects. Yolanda started studying psychology and counseling right after completing school. Whilst completing her Bachelors degree, she volunteered her services at various Crisis centers, trauma centers and rehabilitation centers throughout South Africa. She completed her Master’s degree , had a successful therapy and counseling practice whilst opening her home as a place of safety and foster care for  Johannesburg Child Welfare. Yolanda is an ordained Pastor, who has traveled both locally and internationally speaking and preaching in various churches and Bible schools.

” From as early age as I can remember. I had a desire to influence people,” says Yolanda. ” Family and relationship is key to not living a dysfunctional life, my passion is to ignite a hunger people to have both.”

“People is my ministry, Footprints is my family, P.L.A.Y. is my calling”

She believes that childhood is lost too soon because people are too busy trying to live in the pressure that life has become.  Yolanda lives a Christian focused lifestyle, where prayed and God consciousness is vital in every decision she makes. Corporate organizations throughout Africa and internationally, utilize her expertise for motivational training, crisis and stress management, leadership development and  counseling training.

She has  been partnering with the South African Department of Social Welfare and Development since 1997, focusing on the following areas:

foot_18x21 Foster and adoptive parent training,
foot_18x21 Place of safety,
foot_18x21 Early Childhood development,
foot_18x21 Counseling for Abused Adults and Children,
foot_18x21 Adult behavioral therapy and Counseling,
foot_18x21 Mediator,
foot_18x21 Conference speaker,
foot_18x21 Leadership workshop coordinator,
foot_18x21 Teaching,
foot_18x21 She is strategically and actively involved with numerous other community based organizations.

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