Donate Other Items

Your donation is a huge blessing to others and the communities around us!

We are in need of the following items in order to assist various families :

Toiletries Toilet paper  Supplies for Mobile Clinic
Colored Paper for projects Household Cleaning materials Laptops for school children
Stationary Large garbage bags Personal Hygiene items (age 0 to adults)
Beads for crafts Colored pencils weed eater/lawnmower
Baby / Toddlers Toys Powdered Paint for crafts Bed linen
Blankets Construction Paper non perishable Food items
Bath Towels construction/electric tools Furniture items
Disposable nappies size 4,5,6 Arts /Crafts items Farming equipment


Good quality “hand-me downs” are absolutely fine (Summer and Winter Clothing).

Age Female Male
0-6 All clothing items All clothing items
2-6 New Underwear
New underwear
7+ (to adults) All clothing items/shoes All clothing items/Shoes

Contact us by email with the subject “Donations” if you would like to contribute to the worthy cause of the assisting  lives in Johannesburg.


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