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ants_work_togetherFootprints P.L.A.Y is amazed at all the beautiful people God has called to our base. We would love you to be part of the family – either just for a visit or volunteer for six months or longer.

Short-term Visit 

You are welcome to come and taste and see the life in Footprints P.L.A.Y. for a short period of time; whether it’s a day, overnight, a week or a couple of weeks, send us an email with the subject “Short-term Visit” to start the application process, we would love to have you. All visitors are invited to every ministry event throughout the week.

Long term Volunteering 

Our volunteer program is for men and women 18 and older who have a clear call from God to move to the Footprints base. As far as time commitments go, we ask for a suggested 6-month commitment.

The process for becoming an intern is simple and yet guided by the Holy Spirit.Volunteering

Step 1) First, those interested in interning with Footprints P.L.A.Y. and are in South Africa should schedule a short-term visit for a few days. Those who are not from South Africa and who cannot visit us for a few days, move to step 2. It is best to visit for the better part of a week or as your schedule allows. All visitors are invited to every ministry event throughout the week.

Step 2) The next step is to contact us by sending an email with the subject “Volunteer Application”. We will start the application process with you.

Step 3) After reviewing your application, Yolanda and team will schedule an interview with you.




Go to the volunteers section to read about our current volunteers: “About > Our Volunteers”

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