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Foster Parent Training 

Yolanda is a qualified master trainer for this program. The aim of the program is to equip prospective parents with the information and skills that form part of the Professional Parenting Program.

The framework of the Alternative Parenting program includes the following:

    foot_18x21 Personal and interpersonal abilities and skills required for professional parenting, including exploration of the motivation to become involved, explore and utilize resources.
    foot_18x21 Legislation, requirements, and objectives of alternative care that involves training on Child Care, foster care, and the treatment of HIV infected children.
    foot_18x21 The dynamics surrounding  professional parenting, which entails information on childhood development from conception to early adulthood, its milestones and developmental areas;  and the management of problem behavior.
    foot_18x21 A workbook with outcome-based assignments that allows the trainee to implement what he/she has learned on case studies.  The portfolios in this workbook are presented in a manner that enables the trainer to evaluate the manner in which the content was integrated.  Portfolios are submitted to the university to allow accreditation and the necessary certification.

This program has been accredited by UNISA as well as Technikon SA.  Support and the relevant assistant programs are offered to train foster parents.


The program has been developed by Doctor Rika Swanzen (MA Soc. Sc: D. Litt et Phil (Social worker), Professor Desiree de Kock from Technikon SA,  Tanya Kriel (Social worker) and Sterna Venter from the University of Johannesburg


Community Skills Development 

We run both short and long term Voluntary Community Outreach Programs within the communities. A venue has especially been sourced and secured offering specialized training as well as the opportunity for professional members of the community and the general public to participate in the training and developing.

These professionals are representative of all categories of the business sector in South Africa, and their commitment and involvement results in the ongoing developing of the Footprints P.L.A.Y. Ambassadors. Each child is regularly assessed, encouraged and mentored on a continual basis, in order to ensure that they reach their maximum potential. It is in this area specifically that the Footprints family play a pivotal role with the individual mentoring of each child.


Specialized Training 

Footprints P.L.A.Y. is a center which teaches children computer skills, music, dancing, arts and crafts, sports, drama and singing.

The vision for the training center includes teaching the children skills such as:

    foot_18x21 Photography
    foot_18x21 Video and editing
    foot_18x21 Wood work
    foot_18x21 Steel works and welding
    foot_18x21 Plumbing and electrical
    foot_18x21 Sewing / Knitting.
    foot_18x21 Art and crafts
    foot_18x21 Life skills development

The above are taught by accredited teachers, and learners who are currently a part of the voluntary community development program.

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