min Self Sustaining Farmstead



The base is situated on a smallholding with potential for agriculture. This has potential to play a pivotal role in providing for the household as well as the community’s food sustainability  and nutrition as well as generating income for Footprints P.L.A.Y. We currently have  poultry, a few fruit trees and have established a small vegetable garden around the property. If your skill is in agriculture, you can help take responsibility of the agricultural activities on the base in order to grow it to support ourselves and the surrounding communities. Our dream is to extend the agricultural activities to the following:

    foot_18x21 pig farming,
    foot_18x21 goat farming,
    foot_18x21 increase the fruit trees orchard;
    foot_18x21 increase the vegetable gardens; and
    foot_18x21 increase the poultry farming.


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