Footprints  P.L.A.Y believes if the heart of a community can be changed, a province can be affected, which can roll out into a city, stretch throughout a country, and change a nation.


Our vision is to own the current property and to provide:

    foot_18x21 Caring homes for 100 children. (10 cottages consisting of 10 children and a house parent per home);
    foot_18x21 An on base learning center where  children can be taught practical life skills, entrepreneurial skills, sustainable development skills, creative arts and sporting activities;
    foot_18x21 An on base training facility that offers an accredited training program for prospective foster and adoptive parents, (workshops currently in operation);
    foot_18x21 Additional school classrooms;
    foot_18x21 To encourage self-sustainability;
    foot_18x21 To make children feel a part of this country’s future by showing them their identity, uniqueness, individualism, talents and abilities;
    foot_18x21 To have a large recreation hall which can be used for various group activities. The opportunity of free after-care and feeding schemes for Children in the area, who need assistance while their parents are at work, is an ongoing Iris-Footprints P.L.A.Y. project. Assistance is offered in various community by contributing to venues of opportunity, where children can also be cared for and taught various skills.

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